Hey guys!,

Here we are in our 8th week of lockdown, how are you all finding it?

There are so many positives happening, I'm meeting new customers everyday from all over Worcestershire. People that have had the time to find new businesses and enjoy shopping again.

We raised over £7000 to buy PPE for frontline nurses at Worcester Hospital. We easily sourced masks, visors and even found ID Sports in Malvern who changed their manufacturing to make reusable, waterproof and washable surgical gowns. The word from the ICU staff was that they were so much more comfortable than the standard ones! As the PPE is slowly getting through to our heroes we spread the PPE out to South Hayes Care Home and St Richards Hospice and also to a fantastic group called "Plate One Up and Pass It On" run by the wonderful Stringer brothers.

All this is possible because of fantastic Worcester Businesses donating £100 each at a time when they didn't know if they'd survive the pandemic. They still don't. Our restaurants and hotels and cafes and bars have a long road ahead. Years and sometimes decades building businesses, employing hundreds of staff over the years, only to see it disappear in literally a week.

But you guys...yes you, our supporters give us hope. We've adapted, changed, all of us trying home delivery services, click and collects, all manner of things. And you've rallied around us, ordering ,sending messages of support and letting us know you'll be here after this. Saying you'll remember what we did.

This means the world to us. Small business is not about making money, it never has been. It's about making a living. Employing local people that immediately give back to the local community, building relationships with our customers, being more than a shop, cafe or pub. The best places are always the ones where you know the owners name, he/she always greets you with a smile not because you're spending money, but because in using their business you're saying "I believe in what you're doing ".

It's a confusing time and I believe we're not remotely out of the woods yet, but we as Worcester businesses are here for you and we will do every thing in our power to be here for you after.

The act of isolating is an act of caring in itself. You care for others, you believe as a society we're only as healthy as our weakest. We'll keep on and we'll defeat this awful disease to protect those most at risk.

Stay safe, stay in your car and let me fill your boots with cake!

The Ma Baker team