Sometimes life ends up different...

And life turns out better that way. Strange times eh? But with that comes growth, change and innovation. We've started Click & Collect to serve our community as best we can. We're not saving lives like the selfless frontline workers, but we can, at the very least,give you some sweet and savoury goodness.

We're new to this , so please bear with us while we iron out any gremlins..

When you come to pay there will be an option to choose a pick up time on Friday, just type Yes, Yay, Hell yeah or any confirmatory expression on the one you'd like. If you're isolating because of a health condition , please put on the notes your address and phone number and we'll get it delivered to you.

When you come to collect , just pull up outside and call, text or message us on 01905 451117 or 07888699064 and tell us your receipt number and we'll bring it out to you. Zero fuss, zero contact!